Medicare Rx Education Mission Statement

The Medicare Rx Education Network provides information and assistance with outreach and enrollment for the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit and works to enhance utilization of Medicare preventive benefits. The Network is chaired by former Senator John Breaux. Members of the Network consist of groups sharing a common interest in educating and informing seniors and persons with disabilities and chronic conditions about the Medicare Part D benefit and covered preventive benefits. Recognizing the enormous effort needed to inform every Medicare beneficiary about Part D and their preventive benefits, the Network works closely with the appropriate federal agencies to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries are equipped to make informed choices with regard to their benefit options. By sharing information with each other about our independent efforts and identifying ways we can work together, the Network seeks to eliminate duplication of efforts and maximize the effectiveness of outreach efforts at the local level. The Network also seeks to ensure that the information disseminated about Medicare benefits is factual and accurately conveyed to all Medicare beneficiaries, thereby enabling them to make informed and intelligent decisions. The Network will not engage in legislative activities or take positions on legislative or administrative policies related to the Part D benefit and its implementation or preventive benefits.

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